KRIBBIT first issue (ENG) e-Book

KRIBBIT first issue (ENG) e-Book




* 본 도서는 본문이 모두 외국어(영어)로 구성되어 있습니다. 도서 이용에 참고 부탁드립니다.

* All content of this book are written in English.

  • Comment

    Spring, excited
    Under the theme of 'bloom', the first issue of KRIBBIT holds an exciting feeling having spring and having the first.
    It holds lifestyle and views, pounding hears and thoughts of Jung Il Woo, who comes back to us as an actor and an editor.
    You can meet Il Woo dreaming of two dreams in the Cover Story, meet Ms. Na Moon Hee who always lives Spring as an actress.
    Also, you can sneak greens that you can only meet in Spring of Korea and colorful styles.

    High Kick comes back and Newtro trend comes
    The first issue of KRIBBIT holds Korean trend of 2019, Newtro (New+reTRO).
    TV series of the 2000s re-gain its fame and old buildings/styles are newly given birth.
    As people gladly come and meet them in 2019, your best magazine KRIBBIT introduces them for you.

    Gentle guidance that leads you to the new world
    Lifestyle multi plaform KRIBBIT goes forward its first step with the magazine

  • Information

    - Publisher : Jung Si Sun, Lee Sung Jin 
    - Chief Editor : Jung Il Woo 
    - Publish : J1 International Co.,ltd. 
    - Eng translator : Lee Sang Ah

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