by : J1 International Co., Ltd. Editing DEP.
Publisher : J1 International Co., Ltd.
Publishing date : 21 MAR 2019
Paperback : 70 pages
Product Dimensions : 274*215mm
ISBN : 8820024735014

The first issue of KRIBBIT with the theme of ‘bloom’ holds an exciting feeling having spring.


As its name inspired by frogs that gladly sing vibrant lives of spring, KRIBBIT will colorfully and stylishly deliver various stories of diverse cultures and different people like frog sounds that are heard distinctively according to its kind and distance. As many people have expected,

I prepare this first issue with joy. It was also a very special experience for me that I took a photoshoot and some video footages, having several meetings, publishing a magazine for a test, opening different online channels. I thrill that I have an outcome having small and unique stories/viewpoints that make your life special.


In this first issue, I share my excitement and happiness with Ms. Na Mun Hee. With Ms. Na, whom I made my relationship with from Unstoppable High Kick, my most representative work, as an editor. It was a very special moment for me. I thank Ms. Na for her warm welcome. Besides the interview with her, KRIBBIT wants to make your life special with this first issue telling Korean food and place which you can enjoy specifically in the spring, and style and beauty. 

I wish KRIBBIT have your attention, love and cheer for its very first step to be widely spread throughout the world like clear and explosive frog sounds.