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KRIBBIT is the name inspired by frogs that gladly sing vibrant lives of spring.


With the name that combines Korea and RIBBIT, the frog sound, KRIBBIT plays as your lifestyle multi platform. It will colorfully and stylishly deliver various stories of diverse cultures and different people like frog sounds that are heard distinctively according to its kind and distance.

As I prepare the test version of KRIBBIT, many people said “it should be interesting!” While I have had several meetings with staff, thought of content, taken photoshoots and some video footages, we have made this test magazine. With the Cover Story that holds lifestyle and thought of editor Jung Il Woo, Tteokmandoo soup story that I have always eaten when the New Year comes, Style photoshoot that holds new generation designers’ thought of Il Woo’s masculinity, we assume what the first issue looks like and which content will be needed more. It was a new and special experience having communication with you through an SNS event asking “what is KRIBBIT”. 

As my life became special with the test version of KRIBBIT, I wish yours becomes special with the first, the second, and the third issue of KRIBBIT.