What is KRIBBIT?

This is your lifestyle multi platform, KRIBBIT. 

KRIBBIT is the name inspired by frogs that gladly sing vibrant lives of spring. With the name that combines Korea and RIBBIT, the frog sound, KRIBBIT plays as your lifestyle multi platform.

It will colorfully and stylishly deliver various stories of diverse cultures and different people like frog sounds that are heard distinctively according to its kind and distance.
With Jung Il Woo as its editor, KRIBBIT holds his thoughts and heart. KRIBBIT wishes to create a playground that all the people joyfully share exciting experiences, unique viewpoints, various cultures and ways of life that Jung Il Woo has met.

From a consideration for making an impact, KRIBBIT starts having ideas that make people’s life special with fine stories and a pinch of wit.
KRIBBIT covers topics that related to our lives such as culture, travel, food, place, people, beauty and fashion with different viewpoints and share them with you. KRIBBIT hopes to become an infinite space that connects Korea and the world, people and people. Also, KRIBBIT wants to be gentle guidance for you, helping you do what you want fearlessly. KRIBBIT wishes to be widely circulated with various projects that contribute to our society. 
KRIBBIT wishes to have your attention, love and cheer for its very first step to be widely spread throughout the world like clear and explosive frog sounds, RIBBIT! RIBBIT! 
Thank you very much.